Lawyers in Spaaaaace! and soon-to-be-lawyers vying to join them!

In celebration of the upcoming 50th anniversary of the Seattle Space Needle (I swear she doesn’t lookSpace Lawyers! a day over 23…), a free trip to space is being given away, courtesy of the Space Needle. The flight is slated to be provided by Space Adventures, on Armadillo Aerospace‘s manned suborbital vehicle. Feel free to enter or root for your favorite contenders for the grand prize trip to space because the winner is chosen in part on user votes!

Law blog Above the Law is encouraging people to vote for University Of Arizona 3L, Gregory Schneider. For the uninitiated, 3L means “almost done with law school (thank God)!” They also wonder if a lawyer has ever gone to space. As it turns out, there are (at least!) two astronaut lawyers!

University of Calgary, ISS campus graduate

Colonel Richard Lawyer (USAF, ret.) was selected to be an astronaut on the Air Force’s Manned Orbital Laboratory. Unfortunately, it was cancelled so he never go to space. The world would have to wait until 2009 for a lawyer to experience weightlessness while orbiting our blue marble! Bob Thirsk was awarded an honorary law degree from the University of Calgary, while on the the International Space Station!

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