Video: Where Does Space Begin? Up There!

For many, space is the final, and most exciting, frontier. From a legal standpoint, where that frontier actually begins is frustratingly hazy. As commercial entities and private citizens begin frequently visiting and operating in space, this legal haze threatens to spill over into the mainstream and constrain growth of the new space-based industries. Fortunately, there are at least three approaches to clarifying the legal definition of the edge of space!

Stephen Murphey and I have put together the above video discussing where space begins. The video details the three approaches taken in attempting to create an international (or national) definition of where space begins. The three approaches are: physical, functional, and definition by fiat. The physical approach is the most widely used in the popular press, but unfortunately, FOX and CNN are not government lawmakers!

For those of you interested in a longer, more detailed explanation, I previously wrote a two part series on the subject of where space begins. Check it out here and here!

Please take a second to watch the video and comment! Hopefully, it provides some clarity. Stephen did a great job on putting it together!

Happy creating!

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    • Hi Laura! Thanks for the comment– I’m glad to hear it helped! If you’re looking for more information on space law, I recommend The Laws of Spaceflight by Matthew Klieman et al., or shoot me an email!

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