So who are you?

Ignoring, for the moment, the existential aspects of that question, I am Andrew Rush, lawyer, physics nerd, & goalkeeper for hire. I grew up in Jacksonville, Florida, close enough to Cape Canaveral to camp out on the beach and see the Space Shuttle blaze a fiery path over the ocean on its way to the heavens. My love of all things space and science led me to pursue physics in college, where I worked in a solid state physics laboratory, studying low-temperature phase transitions in magnetite.

Soon thereafter, I went to law school to study intellectual property, the geekiest of all areas of the law! In the summer of 2011, I wormed my way into an internship at Masten Space Systems, so I loaded up my worldly possessions and drove across country to Mojave, CA, the gateway to space. There, I got to do what I love– helping grow emerging technology companies, and the commercial space industry in general, by applying my unique science and legal knowledge. I even go to co-star in a youtube video!

I’m a patent attorney at PCT Law Group. My practice focuses on helping emerging technology companies in intellectual property and general legal matters. In particular, I like to draft patent applications for aerospace companies and provide IP strategy. I draft patent applications for flat fees because, as a client of patent lawyers, I found hourly rate billing confusing, unclear, and hard to budget for. As a patent attorney, I don’t ever want a client to worry about contacting me for fear I might send them a bill for the six minutes it took me to read their email.

Please, enjoy my blog and give me a shout!

Happy creating!

-Andrew Rush