How often is IPinSpace updated?

Currently, IPinSpace updates one or two times a week. For up to the second notifications of posts, follow us on Twitter (@IPInSpace) or in Google Reader!

What is IPinSpace about?

IPinSpace is a blog about intellectual property , space law, and space! IPinSpace is geared toward both layman and professionals interested in aerospace and the emerging commercial spaceflight industry. IPinSpace is written to explore and explain how the law (IP law in particular) and space interweave. These areas will be discussed in a way that is as free of legalese and technical jargon as possible because neither the law nor science should be treated as a priesthood where only a few people in an arbitrary club are given the chance to understand these subject areas.
For more information about IPinSpace’s Raison d’être, read the first post.

 Why is this blog called”IPinSpace”?

As opposed to say, patentsandrocketsarecool.com? That name would be really long… This blog is called IPinSpace.com because it explains what the blog is about in a concise manner. We’re about intellectual property (IP) and space related stuff!
Also, everything sounds better when you tack “in space” on the end.

 Can I write for IPinSpace?

Yes! IPinSpace is looking for guest bloggers interested in talking about intellectual property, space law, and space-related issues. If you’re interested in guest blogging, contact Andrew. Please no submissions in Klingon.

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