One Spark Event may Ignite your Space Startup

I am based in Jacksonville, Florida, which is an awesome place that no one really knows about. We have nice weather, beaches, the river, tons of sports teams, a spaceport, and the jet stream (knock on wood) keeps hurricanes at bay! And just down the coast is the Cape and the rest of the Space Coast! Jacksonville also has a fast growing creative community which is committed to getting the word out about our fair city. Just to name a few things, Jacksonville has a great coworking space called CoWork Jax, a makerspace called JaxHax, and an upcoming TEDx event, TEDxRiversideAvondale.

In April, Jacksonville will be hosting the first ever One Spark event and I think every New Space company and New Space enthusiast should come! Why? Because One Spark is set to become a huge event where creative people and companies can exhibit their innovations and receive funding from a $250,000 crowdfund! If you can’t come, check out their Kickstarter! Continue reading